Shoegazy, noisy, massive, and fresh, Kreajours are back with another piece of noise pop-meets-alternative rock that boasts some truly unique production flourishes. ‘Hyacinth’ is a hyper-miler of a song that wants to check as many boxes as possible. But how many things does it actually get right? We are here to find out.

A Floridian band from Orlando, Kreajours is a four-piece outfit who are constantly putting out challenging, entertaining, and compelling songs. Their latest, ‘Hyacinth’, comes loaded with a guitar-heavy arrangement and vibes that take over from shoegaze, punk, noise, krautrock, and just plain industrial dissonance. Revolving around gritty and overdriven, metallic guitars, the nu-metal inspired rhythm guitar chugs courtesy of the band’s two guitarists, Campfire & London Boy, with their mid frequencies sharply deficient, will effortlessly take you back to the grungy 90s, while their sheer volume, the spaced out vocals, swirling infinitely in space, and the buried, explosive grooves, will all bring about a sense of blessed noise that is very akin to My Bloody Valentine’s timeless album Loveless.

‘Hyacinth’ is a long song that runs at nearly 7 minutes long, during which time the songs rarely relents. Pounding, and loud, Kreajours are exercising their boldest chops with ‘Hyacinth’, and the results are absolutely terrific, you might only handle ‘Hyacinth’ for one playthrough before needing a little palette cleanse, but that one time will be invigorating enough to keep you coming back for more.