The songwriting skills of this musician shine on in this collection inspired by personal experiences but also relating to the hardships of heartbreak in a general view.

“I went straight from ecstasy to agony!” says Peter, describing the 180-degree turn he has done with his work, compared to this previous album ‘Stupidly Happy’.

As the vocals are very soothing, it allows one to follow up the story and relate to it, and even though the main topic of this compilation may feel or sound bitter at first, OneNamedPeter has delivered all 10 songs that possess a very gentle music backbone, soft vocals and interesting composition.

Songs like ‘Sweet Lie’ have nice hooks and solos here and there with a saxophone and other moments of a leading guitar that uplift the mood.

Other songs like ‘You Only Lent It’, start off with a bluesy soul and continue with a piano as the main character. The lyrics speak about that love that never kept their promises and eventually disappeared all of a sudden.

Perhaps the whole album could use more dynamic beats and sounds through each song, to add more musical texture. But OneNamedPeter’s voice is one to remember, and definitely knows how to compose and write lyrics.

So we look forward to more work of this skilful, musical poet.

OneNamedPeter also makes music videos and designs all his music artwork.

For more, visit OneNamedPeter’s website. Find more of his music on Soundcloud and Youtube. Follow up with his work on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


Mercedes Thomas