I believe in the strength of music to uplift you when you’re at your lowest, but this can only happen when the artist delivering it has this power within them and is sincere about the message they’re delivering. Kinga Angelys is one of these musicians, and with her new single “Hurricane,” released right berfore International Women’s Day, she’s lending a helping hand to anyone who has fallen and can’t get back up.

Kinga Angelys’ “Hurricane” could be the latest addition to a playlist that might be called “Light In The Darkest Times” that features powerful female vocalists with songs that have an empowering message to deliver, such as Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger,” Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song,” Sara Bareilles’ “Brave,” and much more. It’s a breaking-through, liberating anthem filled with passion, power, and positive vibes.

The Canadian-born, Germany-based singer-songwriter has a mind-blowing talent. Vocally, she knows how to be tender, warm, and show vulnerability, as well as how to stand out strongly with a confident, edgy timbre like a hurricane. Her voice is truly touching, genuine, and sincere; it makes you believe her words from the bottom of your heart, as when she sings in the chorus: “Stronger than ever, better take shelter.” You do believe it, and you get out of her way. But also, she puts that strength within you, to believe that you can bounce back and make your way too. The lyrics are brilliantly written; every line is heartfelt and empowering. They make the single addictive and a way to make your dead soul battery full again.

The instrumental is atmospheric. The string instrument in the intro is warm and feels like it allows one to be vulnerable and embrace the obstacles. Then the superb electric guitar, smooth piano notes, and upbeat drums join in to add powerful, edgy vibes that align with the single’s message. It’s all well-arranged and offers a unique fusion of alt-pop, pop-rock, and a splash of folk sound.

I am hoping for anyone going through a difficult phase of their life, to reclaim their power and come out strong like a “Hurricane.”