Born in 2019, the Washington-based rockers Outerloop have cemented their name with their significant live performances and their EP & LP released in 2022. As new members Erik Sleight (bass) and Marty Reisemberg (drums) joined vocalist, Taisha Estrada and guitarist Don Potter, Outerloop are teasing their new EP with the single Huracán, a powerful statement about the displacement of people of the island of Puerto Rico has been suffering of for developers to reach beachfront spots. Let me tell you more about it.

Huracán opens with a dense, atmospheric intro, paving the road for a fast-paced verse with some cool detailed guitar work and a groovy escalating flow that progresses smoothly into a hooking heavy bridge and a big-sounding melodic chorus. Huracán has an overall heavy, dark sound with thick guitars and ambient melodies that move within a hypnotizing flow with cleverly crafted shifts that keep the listeners hooked without compromising Outerloop‘s mood. The diversity in the vocal delivery added a lot to the song’s dynamics and textures, while the deep bass, changing guitar tone, and jazzy interesting drumming maintained Outerloop‘s organic flow and heavy ever-changing sound.

Huracán is a solid tune that shows Outerloop‘s well-knowledge of their sound and direction, and their writing skills as they produced such a multi-layered dynamic structure that takes the listeners on an enjoyable journey throughout its unstoppable groove, atmospheric sounds, and heavily distorted riffs. Looking forward to more from Outerloop, keep on rocking guys. Cheers!