More of Gary Dranow’s weighted and mature rock goodness is always good news. With ‘Human 1.0’, Dranow and his band, the Manic Emotions, are displaying yet another face to their musical prowess. Having already covered his stoner rock face with ‘Mother’s Angry’, and his progressive side with the massive ‘JANE’, it wasn’t a surprise to see that ‘Human 1.0’ is just as crisp, well put together, and creative as both earlier listens, but the heaviness and the brashness of it were definitely fresh news.

Based in Park City, Utah, Gary Dranow is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist who is a hard rock veteran and mastermind. Spearheading the Manic Emotions, his band with members from America, Australia, and various cities in Ukraine, Gary Dranow’s lyrics are environmentally conscious and conservation of nature and nature’s wrath are two topics that usually preoccupy the band’s lyrics. ‘Human 1.0’ is a deliciously punchy and heavy single that follows in the same vein.

The heaviness, fitting to the lyrical darkness, does not come devoid of nuance and detail. Indeed, a band of craftsmen, the group are often driven to include intricacies in their music, lyrical, rhythmic, or melodic. With rhythmic trippiness and screams, ‘Human 1.0’ is easily one of the band’s most heavy handed songs to date, and the distorted, juicy bass tone helps massively in that aspect. With grand and cinematic strings to the song’s climactic outro melody, Gary Dranow has created once again a delightfully tight song. 

Structured with a master’s attention to detail, Gary Dranow once again displays himself as a veteran songwriter on ‘Human 1.0’ and the Manic Emotions as endlessly capable musicians, ready to make the punchiest, most gratifying rock out there.