Hozier is an Irish young Indie Pop/Soul/Blues musician who has been viral since the release of his hit wonders ‘Take Me to Church’. By now, you’ve probably heard his name before and, if you’ve listened to him you probably associate his name with tremendous vocals and lyrical ingenious. Shortly after the release of his awaited and charts topper debut self-titled album, he has released a video of his forth single ‘From Eden’.

The first video Hozier had released was of the previously mentioned hit ‘Take Me to Church’ and it was wonderful and neat, and he had a clear message. You’d only hope his next videos would keep up with it. However, ‘From Eden’ doesn’t. Let me start with the storyline. I bet you’ve already seen that same story more than once or twice. He plays a guy who’s a loving husband, father and also a robber that gets caught eventually.

It would’ve been okay if the problem was just with the storyline. The way it was displayed made it even worse. Some of the events didn’t make much common sense which might sometimes be forgives as music videos are not meant to make sense. So, I might turn a blind eye even if they seemed wrong.

A different point; it seems like the director aimed to make it as commercial as possible. You can see how the camera is fixed to show the attractive model and the cute child, in addition to making Hozier himself look his best. Last but not close to least, the clip’s pace is so slow while the song flows faster which personally really annoys my brain. It seems as if they can’t fit the story in within a faster pace.

In conclusion, there’s less and less to like about the video. I bet most fans had imagined a better music video. It was focused on commercialism so much that they forgot about the song itself – which was one that I really like – and made something fairly unrelated where they could’ve created something creative and great.

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