I believe that the main problem the independent musician faces for quite some time is dedication. I have witnessed in the past twenty years in our Egyptian music scene many incredible talents that weren’t taking it too seriously and led that to an inactive project or just a history. 

There are many points you should focus on before starting your band for example; what goal do you have in general? You can be like “I just want my music to be heard.” Well, it’s a good one for sure, but it’s so random!  Of course, it starts with your passion for the music and instrument you play, but when you decide to be in a band, there should be certain goals that you want to achieve throughout the year, like; I am aiming to finish my three singles, or I will focus on local gigs in my city. Make sure you choose the correct bandmates, not just good instrument players, but also, these guys have a harmony with you while playing. I believe the main key points in any good band are chimstery, hammoney, and tightness. Believe me, these factors will take some time. A good plan will help this band go somewhere. Don’t be random, guys! Make a plan based on a certain phase, for example; these six month you focus on rehearsals, next six month you focus on live local gigs, and so on. At the end, you and your bandmates should deal with the band as a company and any company there’s a leader with vision and the rest of co-partners follow. Good luck!