If you ever looked for a track that could gather rich grooves, a funky attitude, soulful folk, and a rock/pop touch with a psychedelic hint, then the more than satisfying Ryan David Orr’s “How Long” is your long-awaited quest.

Phoenix-based Ryan David Orr is an independent singer-songwriter and producer. He was raised in a creative household where his mother was a folk singer-songwriter and his father was a visual artist. He started playing music at an early age, picking up the guitar as a teenager and the violin as a child. Over time, he developed into a prolific musician, releasing seven studio albums under his own name as well as other singles and recordings for side projects and other artists.


Over these years, he surely found himself a niche where he blended genres, influences, and several talents to produce distinctive music that could get a person both hyped up and touched. The recently dropped single, “How Long,” is enough of a sonic marvel that once you listen to it, you’ll find yourself grooving with it and emotionally moved.

The wah-wah guitar intro establishes a dreamy, psychedelic ambiance. It builds the atmosphere you want the most, whether you get up and sway with the charming rhythms or lie down and close your eyes and be immersed in the aesthetic harmony, and the rest of the song will follow its leads. Ryan David Orr’s vocals enter and bring with them a graceful yet dynamic feel. He has a melodic tone in his voice and a charismatic performance that balances vitality and delicacy.

“How Long” is the type of song that you’ll put on repeat until you snap out of its enchanted realm and ask yourself, “For how long have I been listening to this song?” It has all it takes to make an addictive, smooth number: the organic sound, the dazzling chords, the exquisite arrangement, the thought-provoking lyrics, and the passionate vocal performance.