The lovely Dorothee Pesch a.k.a Doro Pesch or simply; Doro. She is considered as the most famous female voice since the early 80s in rock and metal scene. She started in the early 80s with Warlock and later that decade established her own solo project. Doro is a big name that we cannot imagine the heavy metal music scene without it.

Sabina Classen
The bold and beautiful Sabina Classen; she is most known as the singer of the German thrash metal band, Holy Moses. It was obvious that these two ladies – Sabina and Doro – faced a lot of criticism in the early 80s by joining the heavy metal scene. But in no time they proved they ROCKed more than anyone else.

Sharon den Adel
The temptation lady! Away from her long career with the superb symphonic metal band Within Temptation; she showed as a guest appearance since the mid-90s with many artists and bands, such as: After Forever, Timo Tolkki, Tori Amos, Avantasia, Delain and the gorgeous Tarja Turunen.

Marcela Bovio
The rise of symphonic, orchestral, and operatic metal bands in the early 90s, led to a wide variety of expanding such a music genre internationally; especially that some bands were trying to mix it with their folkloric themes and music styles. The Mexican Marcela Bovio or the co-founder of Elfonia and Stream of Passion as well as a career with Ayreon, The Gathering, ReVamp and Hydra, in which she is a name, cannot be forgotten!

Sarah Brightman
I see you asking, “Hey, isn’t this list for metal musicians only?!” Actually, no! How come I don’t mention the pretty, symphonic rock artist; Sarah Brightman. Don’t you agree with me?!

Dianne van Giersbergen
Most known as the singer of the German symphonic metal band Xandria. In fact, she is the co-founder of Ex-Libris since 2003, and only joined Xandria last year.

Angela Gossow
I cannot imagine Arch Enemy without her indeed, maybe because I got used to it, or maybe she is the most suitable for their tunes – I don’t know! However, she was also with Asmodina in the 90s and Mistress prior to Arch Enemy as well as a guest appearance with Doro, Annihilator, Astarte, and many else.

Lauren Harris
Some would believe that she got into the music business because of her father; Steve Harris of Iron Maiden, this is not the case. The idea came through the British producer Russ Ballard when he saw her in a pub singing at the age of 17 and asked her to sing a demo for something he wrote. “Calm Before the Storm” was her only album, joining this album legendries like her father; Michael Quinn and Richard Ian Faulkner.

Floor Jansen
I guess she is one of the few who really can sing power metal! Jansen is the co-founder of ReVamp and played with many bands, who all did a real development in symphonic and progressive metal styles. Bands like; Nightwish, After Forever, Epica and MaYan.

Manuela Kraller
Manuela started her career about 10 years ago, mainly known for joining Xandria and Haggard. The chick knows how to keep you listening, find out yourself!

Helena Iren Michaelsen
Don’t you agree that the Viking origins have something unique about them? That Norwegian chick proves more than that.

Lisa Middelhauve
Ohh, babe yea! Lisa one of my favorite chicks indeed. Just tune-in to Xandria and you will get my point.

Elize Ryd
A Swedish girl tried in less than 10 years to build un-forgettable name in the symphonic and power metal scenes. Bands like; Kamelot and Dragonland, .

Cristina Scabbia
Of course, I cannot do this list without mentioning her. Away from her marvelous work with Lacuna Coil, she worked with Megadeth, Alter Bridge, Ayreon, Apocalyptica and the Italian composer Franco Battiato.

Simone Simons
In the early 2000, we started to see a lot of soprano voices join the metal scene and we thought that sucked. But by time it was proved that we are totally wrong. Simone is not only hot but when you listen to her with Epica…you are simply in heaven!

Charlotte Wessels
Since the first time that I have heard the band Delain, and I saw there was something very attractive about her, don’t you think?! Give example, how do you define attractiveness?

Amy Lee
While Miss Lee is certainly a pleasure to listen to and just gives you Goosebumps, she’s quite the looker too.


Orianthi may give you a girly vibe with her blonde locks, sweet voice, and polished nails, you should see her shred that guitar on stage. She’s definitely one of the hottest rocker chicks out there.

Mena Ezzat and Shereen G

– This article reflects the writer’s opinion and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the editorial board.


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