Jenia Vesnina, Jeff Mailfert

Using his production and writing skills, the Luxembourg-based artist/producer Loucas Bretz tried to reflect the winter moodiness in his latest single Hotel Melody which was out on the 10th of February, 2023. Let’s see how it went

With mellow soundscapes and groovy melodies, Loucas Bretz opened Hotel Melody. He smoothly set the mood and prepared the listener for the guitar epicness to come. Bretz used an extremely fluid melodic writing style on Hotel Melody, his warm guitar tone perfectly served the song’s mood and flow while its chilling dynamics felt like lying in the sun’s warmth on a wintery afternoon. Hotel Melody has a beautiful organic progression that takes the listener slowly and softly towards a brighter, more open sound as it goes, with Loucas Bretz making use of every element, adding keys melodies alongside guitars and backing all that with a sweet groove and an extremely entertaining bass line. 

Loucas Bretz shows an amazing sense of melody and mood in Hotel Melody, it felt like a floating beautiful sound journey that shifted my mood and brought a calm soothing feeling with its melodies. It shows his writing skills, producing such a structure with solid progression with seamless dynamic shifts and flow is not an easy job at all. Looking forward to more from Loucas Bretz, keep on rocking man. Cheers!