Dave Creaney

Mixing influences varying from circus and swing to industrial and alternative metal, Austin-based solo project Venustra decided to hit 2022 hard with a debut album and a bunch of singles. “Hopping The Train” is Venustra’s latest single released on the 22nd of July, 2022, the 4th track off the upcoming EP “Rise Of The Ringmaster”, and it’s going to take us on a super enjoyable journey, let me tell you why.

Venustra starts “Hopping The Train” with a powerful relentless riff and crazy drumming before engaging in a groovy verse with intense vocals. The vocals throughout the song are engaging, full of energy, and even melodic in some parts, especially that hell of a headbanger chorus with the awesome roller-coaster groovy riff. That creepy circus melody after the chorus made things more interesting and surprisingly heavier! And the return of a similar melody at the interlude after the 2nd chorus prepared to launch a perfect headbanging outro.

“Hopping The Train” is an intense, and energetic tune that’ll send you off your seat headbanging. It has heavy relentless riffs and amazingly catchy vocals making it an instant favorite, this is going directly to my playlist. Looking forward to more, cheers Venustra!