Humans frequently choose to believe in a higher power to avoid feeling powerless, to avoid relying on their own abilities, and to cling to hope in something or someone else. One must believe in order to carry on, but first and foremost, one must have faith in oneself and what one can achieve from the inside. “Elison” gave us a single about horoscopes and their effects on people’s hopes and dreams, the hardships of taking the lead of one’s own life and hopes, and bad habits that are harder to shake. Marissa’s ability to write such personal and meaningful lyrics demonstrates her talent and sincerity as an artist.

The dreamy rhythms in the intro entice you to listen. The vocals are soothing and bright, as if breaking free from each bad habit and reclaiming control, and the music was composed to perfection, with drumbeats and guitar arrangements that create a dreamlike vibe with a blend of dream pop, indie pop, and indie rock.

Stop being “Stuck living in your the past,” and take the lead of your own hopes, to get idea on how doing that, listen to the single below and know how “Elison” did it. 

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Viola Karmy