Marco Jeannin

As he prepared for his upcoming album, Perdurabo dropped his new single Hopes on the 16th of December, 2022. Perdurabo is the brainchild of composer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Davide Arneodo, and on Hopes he collaborates with Daudi Matsiko, Tom Adams, and Roman Rappak on vocals, Jörg Wähner on drums, and Gabrielle Giletta on modular to create such an amazing psychedelic trip, let me tell you more about it

Warming up to a psychedelic sound that’s his very own, Perdurabo opened Hopes with some atmospheric synths and a subtle smooth beat, before introducing an expressive intimidating vocal melody that’ll make you want to hear more and more. Hopes has a solid progressing flow with a groove that keeps it all together, and gets stronger with every dynamic shift within the song’s multi-layered structure. Perdurabo skillfully keeps on adding new layers with deeper sound and feeling, pushing Hopes towards a bigger and more emotional direction, especially at the chorus. The guitar licks, synths and effects are carefully and cleverly arranged, with each and every melody contributing straight to Hopes’ core psychedelic sound, resulting in an unbreakable consistent flow that keeps the listener on board from the start till the end.

Perdurabo successfully managed to create a dreamy touching sonic state with diverse instrumentations and artistic arrangements. It shows well-knowledge of his sound and clear vision, he knows the sound he’s heading to and uses all his songwriting skills to reach it, and I think he certainly did. I’m definitely keeping an eye on Perdurabo, looking forward to more. Cheers!