Hopelessness is an Atmospheric Doom Metal band from Casablanca, Morocco. Hopelessness is a band with no vocals; they are an instrumental band that plays with feelings. This band is actually a one-man band under the control of Aziz Baker, who performs everything on this record. Though it is just Aziz, he has crafted some of the most original albums of the new and flourishing style. It seems too well put together to be just one person, but as the 6-track album blasts its way from one song to the next, it is so easy think this is a 5- or 6-piece finely tuned band firing on all cylinders. But no, it’s just a dude; a really busy dude. After two episodes released on 2014 Dark Castle and A Lie To Believe, Hopelessness decided now to release and record the new First EP, then Aziz Baker decided to call it a new album; Dawn. Which will be available on 30th March 2015.

Each song is a relief to the next, like ‘The Regret’ that is a song with fear and sadness. I think the two solos parts talk about the lies which is be responded to on the same lines. The third song, ‘Unforgotten mistake’, is a story that is made with no tears. ‘Slipping Away’ is the two ways that makes the soul forget the goals. ‘Dawn’ is the special song on the album and talks about hope only. ’I disappear’ is a sweet land with blood grass which is talking about the lies we believe each day and each year from the episode A Lie To Believe. The special song had a lot of tirals from others who wanted join the band but didn’t succeed on singing it properly.

Overall, this record has its rare moments of beauty and multiple moments of aggression and depression, but that’s what makes this record different from its piers. This album is for people who like a dark atmosphere in their music and can tolerate long songs. While this may not be a stand out record or a record that defines the genre, it does have a sound that many people are unfamiliar with before listening to this album.


  • ‘The Regret’
  • ‘Between the lies’
  • ‘Unforgottenmistake’
  • ‘Slippingaway’
  • ‘Dawn’
  • ‘I Disappear’ (From the EP A Lie To Believe)

Edited by: Nehal A.Ali


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