Dan Remon

Singer-Songwriter duo Burn The Louvre released their final indie folk single “Honolulu” from their debut LP on the 29th of November 2022 from Hamilton, Ontario.

Burn The Louvre have been releasing one song from their Debut LP “Silhouettes” each month, and by the end of last November, they released the closer song “Honolulu” which singer Jordan Speare of Burn The Louvre wrote for his first girlfriend, saying

“Honolulu is a song I wrote for my first girlfriend Gillian for her birthday. We’d always joked about running away to Honolulu one day, so I wrote this song about the idea of doing just that”

The song carries the sentiment of running away with a loved one, captured in the sweet sound of a ukulele and raw vocal performance in an unfiltered and real musical production.

The lyrics for “Honolulu” are romantic yet relatable, describing the spark of new relationships in the little details we all experience but rarely stop to think about.

The groove of the track changes up right after the first chorus, as electric guitars come in with their own rhythm and overdriven harmonic spice, that’ll instantly get you tapping your feet along!

Burn The Louvre kicked off with their LP with “Silhouettes” about the aftermath of the relationship, and closed it back in a round trip with “Honolulu” twelve months later. Now the LP is finally out to be listened to in full on all streaming platforms.