Hailing from Liverpool, Honey Motel, a psychedelic four-piece comprised of Sam Meredith, Matt Walker, Jack Hughes and Lew Fogg. Influenced by artists such as Mac DeMarco, Wallows and Declan McKenna, the band’s sound has been featured supporting the likes of Gathering of Strangers and Sundara Karma. Backing from the music press continued across their first two singles ‘The Matinee’ and ‘When We Die, We Die’ has led to a feverish anticipation around the group.

Their latest single ‘Are You Coming With Me?’ is drenched in glittery pop positivity, with sleek electric guitar chords ringing out into the grooving bass lines and sloshy drums. Organ melodies add an extra layer of infectiousness as the lead vocals dive into themes of ambition and self-fulfilment. Glowing with individualism, the band continue to hone in on a distinctive signature sound.

Sam shares as the lead songwriter, “The pressure to do something great with your life can seem almost unbearable at 25. But who’s to say what being somebody is? Who decides the righteous way to live life? Who decides what success is? What is happiness? Nobody does, because these things are undefinable in any true sense. There is beauty in being a nobody. There is beauty in not subscribing to social norms of what success and happiness are meant to look like, it seems freeing, and liberating. Being a nobody seems like bliss. At least to me, anyway.”

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