Crafting a tangible story of freedom and fearlessness for a protagonist that we are in their company for a mere 4 minutes and having it feel so powerful and refreshing is surely an indication of something done very well by Trickshooter Social Club on their latest single ‘Honey I Believe’.

Hailing from Chicago, Trickshooter Social Club define themselves as more of a collective than a band in the traditional sense of bands. With a wealth of collaborators and instrumental variety in their sounds, Trickshooter Social Club have successfully created a fully-fledged society of musical fun and like-mindedness around their core members.

With ‘Honey I Believe’, the group starts in Chicago and ends up in a dusty motel in East Tennessee as they follow their protagonist’s story to move out and start figuring out herself in a journey of fulfillment and a search for freedom. The music is likewise. Loud, optimistic, in-your-face, and larger than life. The clear pop-rock leanings are hard to miss, and you wouldn’t want to miss them. Infectious energy defines the song and its overdriven rhythm guitar and powerful grooves, and the crisp, balanced production amps the energy up just a few notches, just enough to send the song’s vibes soaring high.

The refreshing story on ‘Honey I Believe’ is empowering and weirdly relatable. Who never dreamed of throwing all caution to the wind and moving away in a journey of utterly unplanned soul searching? We all did, but our protagonist here did not resort to dreaming, she got up and actually did it, and in a way, that gives me a feeling that things are going to be alright with people like her around. It’s also nice that the music is as hip and punchy as it is.