Unleashing their talent upon the world, the LA-based rockers Love Ghost started releasing a series of singles announcing their arrival to the music scene. On the 11th of November 2022, they dropped their latest one “Homesick”, and it’s an unskippable touching journey, let me tell you more about it. 

“Homesick” is one hell of an emotional ride right from its beginning. It has a constant melancholic sound that stays intact throughout its smooth progression. Opening “Homesick” with those warm soothing chords and vocals made me want to listen to more of it, and as Love Ghost carefully started introducing new elements, its multi-layered structure started taking form. The deep touching bass line, the subtle emotional guitars, and the atmospheric effects added a heavy heart-hitting level of feelings to the melody. Love Ghost‘s well-arranged and thought dynamics created a smooth beautiful flow, and an interesting structure that kept on going harder and heavier without losing its core mood, all led by an expressive vocal melody filled with emotions, creating an unbreakable bond with the listener. 

Love Ghost managed to reach the perfect sound balance with “Homesick”. It’s a mainly a mellow tune with mixed influences, steered carefully and cleverly to create a sound that’s appealing to a wide range of tastes and audience. All showing their sense of delivering the perfect mood with the right melodies. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on Love Ghost, looking forward to more, cheers!