Kenzy Lee

Portland-based post-hardcore band Unarmed are ready to take over the scene with their fast riffs, and flowing melodies on their debut EP It’s Like That, we’ll be giving you a taste of it today with a review of the song Home which was released also as a music video on YouTube, let me tell you about it.

With a beautiful melodic riff and a big sound, Home starts before it explodes into an intense energetic sound while keeping its fluid melodies alive and kicking. Through its fast riffs and crazy pounding drumming, Home has a warm cozy sound that fits its theme perfectly. That soft interlude added an extra deeply emotional layer to Home‘s warm sound and was perfectly captured in the music video, with friends and family hanging around having fun. Home sounds like a short, straight-to-the-point, and sincere tribute to the good times and positive vibes friends and family bring, thank you Unarmed for drawing a smile on my face using heavy fast music. PERFECT COMBINATION!

Home is one of those songs that seamlessly reflects the artist’s energy and attitude, building a deep, fast connection with the listener, and that would’ve never happened without good music-writing skills and true musicianship, and Unarmed lacks none of those. They managed to create a solid structure with a bunch of melodic hooks and uplifting vibes that keep the listener on board. Amazing start by Unarmed, looking forward to more from you guys. Keep on rocking! May you always find yourselves home.