The dark pop vibes feel like a Billie Eilish song, yet the single stands out with its unique sound. The rhythm is addictive with its solid, head-hitting drumbeat. The delicate, restful vocals are saturated with yearning and stimulate your soul for the state you can call “Home.” The lyrics repeat the word “home” a lot, but it doesn’t conjure the warm feeling that the word generally conjures; instead, it evokes a dark longing, a longing for a place you feel like you belong to, although you’ve never been there, as this line says: “I can assume it’s the one place I belong.”

It’s not easy being at the house you’ve always lived in, surrounded by people you’ve always known, and still don’t know what it’s like to be home. “Home” is a song with well-written lyrics and good production to be relevant to anyone who has ever felt lost and wants to feel the cozy feeling of being at home, but it’s not any place they’ve ever been before.

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Viola Karmy