You can’t have it all, they say. It’s either a life partner or chasing dreams. So, we find ourselves in a pickle. Nevertheless, it does not have to be “this or that.” With the right person by your side, they’ll be the ones who push you towards your dreams and stick by your side. Ash Ravens, in his latest single “Home,” gives us hope that we do have the option to have the whole package.

I’m not sure which is more beautiful: the backstory that inspired Ash Ravens to write “Home,” or the heartfelt masterpiece itself, but I’m certain they both complement each other. “Home” was written back in 2012 when Ash made a major life change, leaving behind his partner (now wife) and hometown to pursue a career in music. The poignant storytelling in “Home” gives us the warmest sensations ever, and hopes that no matter how long we stay apart from the person who makes us feel at home, we’ll always find our way back.

“In a room full of friends
I’d still be alone
No matter where I am
You’ll always be my home.”

It’s difficult to keep your heart from melting in response to this resonant, which will evoke a certain person when you hear it.

The single starts off with delicate guitar and gentle percussion that set the cozy mood and the melancholic feeling of missing your person. The instrumentation successfully conveys the conflicting emotions of a peaceful sense of home and a sorrowful longing for this home. And it was nice to keep giving the space to the vocals to shine and convey the story and emotions behind them. As Ash has a tender, warm, and appealing voice that makes you picture the ideal “homey” moment.

The thing about “Home,” is based on a personal story that ended well, and the endearing, intimate delivery, is that it gives a peaceful, restful feeling to whatever state you’re in now.

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