Reanne McArthur Photography

Formed in 2019, the Newcastle-based rockers Tired of Fighting have been exploring and experimenting with their sound since then. With three released singles up their sleeves, the guys send a support message to all the lonely people that have to go through the holiday season by themselves on their latest single Hollow, so let’s see how it goes.

Hollow is a heart-hitting, deeply emotional piece with beautifully crafted melodies by Tired of Fighting. Those guys took us on a heavy emotional ride right from the very beginning, starting off with a slow quiet intro that kept on subtly building up and preparing us for the bigger theatrical sound that Hollow evolves into. Tired of Fighting comes with full force, using their fluid beautiful melodies, heavy atmospheric riffs, jazzy drumming, and deep basslines, they managed to create a solid coherent structure with a streaming flow that carries the listener through its growing organic sound as he/she breathes all those feelings in, creating an unbreakable bond between them and their fans. 

Tired of Fighting shows their remarkable talent in Hollow, those guys managed to create a big sound filled with feelings that hits you straight with every note and movement. With a solid progression that takes you slowly and smoothly through its well-written and engineered structure, These guys succeeded in creating a piece that only moves forward and lifts the listener with it till they become one. I’m totally looking forward to where Tired of Fighting can go next, cheers guys!