Scarlett Lehman

The Venus Figurines are set to release their latest single “Holiday” on March 24th, giving fans a sneak peek of what to expect from their upcoming album “Modern Paradigm”, which was recorded in their Hobart studio and produced by Jaidyn Daniels. The four-piece alternative rock band from Australia formed in 2015 and consists of Jaidyn Daniels on vocals and guitar, Brad Holzberger on drums and percussion, Cameron Quinn on guitar and backing vocals, and Angus Wilks on bass. The band shared that “Modern Paradigm” is a product of the “angst and frustration” they felt after the cancellation of their previous album tour due to Covid-19.

“Holiday” is a hard-hitting garage rock song that features killer guitar riffs, fuzzy melodic bass lines, and groovy drums that compel the listener to headbang along while showcasing the band’s exceptional chemistry and musicianship. The band has described the track as being told from the perspective of someone undervalued and taken advantage of in the workplace. With Jaidyn’s energetic and powerful vocals alternating seamlessly between clean deep tones and screams.

Overall, “Holiday” is a great preview of what’s to come from The Venus Figurines and their upcoming album. The band’s frustration and angst are evident in their music, and their energy and musicianship are on full display in this banger track. Fans of garage and hard rock will not want to miss this release.