Prepare yourself for an extra dose of energy because Big No No’s fresh single, “Hold Your Horses,” is out. If you’ve been searching for a colorful, summery sound, search no more because you’ll find it in this banger, and if you’ve been searching for colorful visuals, then again, you don’t need to search anymore; you’ll get pumped with the single’s music video.

Who’s the outfit behind this vibrant single? It’s Big No No. The Stockholm-based band consists of Henrik Eksvärd, Florian Matz, Nikki Nyberg, and Petter Seander. Together, they deliver a sound blending nostalgic and futuristic flairs, offer irresistible chemistry, and showcase dazzling musicianship.

“Hold Your Horses” is the kind of song that gives you an instant boost right from the intro. The instrumental makes one feel on cloud nine and builds a dance floor up there. One can’t help but flow with the groovy rhythms. The guitar riffs, the bass line, and the drumming are all euphoric and give off a determined and spirited vibe that matches the theme. The solo part is spectacular! You’ll probably repeat it more than once to enjoy its aesthetics.

The instrumentals aren’t the only energetic element here. The vocals definitely stand out! There’s something admirable about this charismatic vocal line! It’s lusty yet has a sentimental tone. Also, somehow, the voice has a vintage flavor. With all its impressive characteristics, you’ll find yourself seamlessly engaging with the chorus and singing along.

The catchy composition, the profound structure, and the dynamic performance are made to lure you into Big No No’s authentic realm and inspire you to dream big and touch the sky if you want.