Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate (a.k.a HOGIA) is a British rock band that launchd in 2011. What a big name!
HOGIA have released 2 EPs which contain 3 tracks each – 6 tracks – of this album, When The Kill Code Fails.

When The Kill Code Fails, Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate‘s second album, is a science-fiction/artificial intelligence themed concept album. It tells the story of an artificial intelligence construct attempting to come to terms with finding out it isn’t real. It is musically diverse with progressive rock, classic rock, electronica, metal and minimalist influences, according to the band.

When the Kill Code Fails is actually a nice album but it contains a couple of tracks that I think shouldn’t have been added to this LP. They weakened it a bit, tracks like ‘Broken Wave’, ‘Link’, and ‘Free Running’. Though I like these tracks, yet they’re kind of overrated duration-wise. Both ‘Broken Wave’ and ‘Link’ could’ve been better if they were cut at exactly the middle as the band repeats the track twice in each track; its no shame to place a track with 2 minutes instead of additional worthless minutes.

As for ‘Free Running’, I like the bass in the intro specifically. Tracks like ‘I Still Remember You’ and ‘Solace’ are so stunning with the riffs and solos – its like you’re playing one of Pink Floyd‘s tracks, particularly in ‘Solace’, the intro is amazingly fabulous!

Although ‘I Still Remember You’ is a 7 minute track, I think it’s the best track on this album. There is no problem with the duration of the song as long as it is remarkable, not for just lengthening the track.

The lyrics are sometimes touching and sometimes corny, some lines needed editing and others should be carved. I already mentioned this, but the guitarist in ‘Solace’ should be getting a medal! In all parts of the song, he is spectacular.

We must thank those interesting musicians for this interesting album: Malcolm Galloway (vocals, guitar, keyboard), Kathryn Thomas (flute), Mark Gatland (bass), Rudy Burrell (drums), and Ibon Ibon (guitar).

If I were to rate this album I’d give it a 6.5/10. You can read all about the album and the songs’ stories here.

Edited by: Jailan El-Rafie