On the 14th of February 2023, the UK-based rockers Say Yes, Do Nothing dropped their single Hit the Top. A catchy easy-going going tune that’ll easily slip into your “Favorites” playlist, and when this happens, you gotta make sure to catch them on their next gig on April 28th at O2 Islington in London. But first, let me tell you more about Hit the Top.

Say Yes, Do Nothing opens Hit the Top with strong bluesy influences, promising a mellow laid-back trip. Their warm chords, fluid melodies, and deep groovy bass perfectly built up for the verse and laid the foundations of Hit the Top’s chill-flowing sound. Getting into the verse, Say Yes, Do Nothing’s organic writing style starts to shine, as they smoothly start to create a solid structure with a catchy multi-layered mix of country groove and bluesy licks with expressive charismatic vocals. I loved the chorus’ harmonies and sing-along approach, it’s easy catchy flow got me easily humming it for a while after the very first listen. Say Yes, Do Nothing delivered a super cool and interesting guitar work on Hit the Top, the well-written and arranged melodies and licks hit the perfect spot, giving the listener the full melodic experience and perfecting the song’s chill mood. 

Say Yes, Do Nothing has a solid signature on Hit the Top, using their clearly significant writing skills, they managed to create a tune that’ll stick with their listeners and will help introduce them to a diverse range of audience. Looking forward to more from Say Yes, Do Nothing, keep on rocking guys. Cheers!