H.I.M is short for His Infernal Majesty. As you may know, H.I.M –in my opinion- is a Rock icon. I admire their music pretty much, I was always eager to find the mystery in their lyrics. Currently you’re going to read a review about their last album, Tears On Tape. As always, you’ll notice through the album Ville Valo’s incredible soothing vocals in addition to the great lyrical content.

On my list, there was ‘Unleash The Red’. That one is an instrumental, it’s about one minute which is good, I get bored easily, so this is a point for them.
Then comes the second on the list, ‘All Lips Go Blue’. The intros to their songs remind me why I admire them pretty much, not just any Rock music intro; they know how to grab your attention. Who would mind listening to an intro that good followed by that angelic voice of Valo’s? No one. The guitar solo here will make you hit the replay button again just so you could listen to it once again. I just wanna stand up and air guitar along with the song.

Then comes ‘Love Without Tears’. I loved the drums in this song, I mean I don’t always pay attention to drums in Rock music, but I liked the drums here. The lyrics gave me a bit of chills, and you know you get chills when the vocals are really REALLY that good with those lyrics.

‘I Will Be The End Of You’, I was drawn by the name and also the lyrics. Then I understood it was love talking, that love will be the end of one. I kinda liked the lyrics ‘cause I agreed with it.

Off to ‘Tears On Tape’, which is apparently the same title as the album’s. I have that curiosity to listen to the song on the albums that the album was named after or vice versa. Of course they had to put a touch to make it a little different from the other songs, so it had keyboards and I think it adds a nice touch to the song. I gotta say the keyboard is my favorite.

Number 6 on the list is ‘Into The Night’. I like the intro, it’s a bit hyper. Lyrically, it’s a sad song but musically, its rhythm feels like a song to go hyper for. You will enjoy listening to it, I guarantee that.

‘Hearts At War’ has a very tough intro, like sexy tough. Oh and I LOVE THE GUITAR in this song, if you like heavy Rock, you will LOVE this song, especially the guitar and the drums at the second half of the song.

Another instrumental track is ‘Trapped In Autumn’. It’s not much of music, I could call it a waste of time but it sounds like hypnotizing music. I don’t know.

‘No Love’ is another song that has apparent drums through it, you gotta know by now that I love drums. Lyrically, the chorus is my least favorite. I expected it to be something else so I am not content with what I got. The bridge part is my favorite in this song.

An acoustic intro in ‘Drawn and Quartered’, finally! The lyrics are much of an amount and if you pay enough attention, you may get chills. It takes a little effort to pay attention to the lyrics.

‘Lucifer’s Chorale’ is the third instrumental in this album. I think they made it to summon someone or something from the depth of hell… maybe? It’s definitely not much of attention to be given to this track.

Last song in this album that has lyrical content is ‘When Love Starts To Die’. I have to admit that this is my favorite song throughout this album, lyrically and musically. Why did you guys have to bore me out with instrumental tracks? The vocals in this one is great, in my own opinion, I prefer it because Valo has used different techniques that made it stand out.

The last one on the list is another instrumental track, ‘Kiss The Void’. It’s an actual INSTRUMENTAL track; I mean I heard drums there, which is a good sign.

Eventually it’s another H.I.M album. They have that style in music, vocals and specially the lyrics that makes them… well, them. If you’re a fan of heavy Rock music and you prefer lyrical contents more, this album is definitely for you.

Written By: Nehal A. Ali
Edited by: NJ Bakr