Alexandra Radu

After being rejected by many local record labels, indie artist and doctor- yes you heard that right, Alternate Jane will release a rocking and moving track called ‘Higher ground’, on the 17th of February, after a hiatus from making music during the pandemic, coming back much harder and stronger with tunes that will sweep you away into her soft and sweet world of emotion. Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, she is influenced by noire themes and music of James Bond, Elliot Smith, Evanescence and Paramore. 

The song explores the feelings of a new love that has been revealing truths and things that you may have not noticed before. It is both exciting and sometimes frustrating as well, and the song perfectly depicts these emotions musically and lyrically. When it comes to Alternate Jane, she’s the open box of it all. The overall sound of the song is mellow with many undertones of darkness and sweetness too. Her angelic and soft voice took away the edge of the story a little bit, and just mesmerized us with her beautiful and enchanting voice. The soundscape is a medium paced acoustic rock music that is sort of sad and perfect for a complicated Valentine’s. There is a nice musical arrangement to the song, with a lot of romance. There is a nice acoustic guitar melody with clapping and a soothing humming loop, prominent drums and cymbals and edgier notes of electric guitar that shocks you once in a while. The vocals are definitely passionate and heartfelt. Alternate Jane is coming back with some really addicting music, and we can’t wait to hear more.