American pop/alternative rock singer songwriter Louie Dangerous hit the world with his new single “High on You” on Feb 18th, 2022. Louie started as a drummer with the punk rock band The Years Gone By and after the band broke-up he couldn’t let go of his passion. Writing his own music while singing and playing all instruments, he released three singles so far recorded/produced by Seth Henderson at Always Be Genius recording Studio in Crown Pointe Indiana., the latest is “High on You” which Louie describes as “a song about hanging out with your best friend.”

“High on You” shows Louie’s abilities in mashing up various influences from pop to punk rock in a way that fits all tastes and shows clearly his sense of writing good hooks and simple memorable tunes.

The song has a mellow start but, don’t let it fool you as it has an energetic, crowd engaging vibe that’ll hit you just after the intro. It has a very dynamic structure which its neat production gave it the space to shine and make it’s impact on the listener, the hook at the bridge and the catchy chorus will drive the audience crazy singing along when played live and that build up at the breakdown around min 2:00 was on point.

“High on You” can easily turn Louie Dangerous into the next pop rock sensation, it is catchy, modern and can appeal to a wide range of audience. Its fun lyrics are delivered perfectly by Louie and the music and structure reflects that perfectly. Looking forward for more from Louie Dangerous, Cheers!