Blending psychedelia with grunge and sludge, Birdman Cult are like an alternative rock smoothie that batters the senses with an unrelenting barrage of cool on their latest single ‘Highs and Lows’.

Based in the English town of Bristol, Birdman Cult are an alt-rock quintet dealing in some of the tightest and hookiest songs from the region since 2020. Like a love child between Queens of the Stone Age and The Black Angels, Birdman Cult’s music carries the same sludgy and driving DNA as that found in Queens of the Stone Age’s music, but with a potent sense of manic psychedelia that harkens back to the crazed environs The Black Angels are well known for.

In the mix, Birdman Cult manages to craft a sound that is wholly unique. The riffs are hasty and battering with intensity, with delightfully restrained guitar input. The turnarounds are glam-inspired, and the chromatic descent is as dramatic as it has ever been. The hooks on the chorus are not overplayed, tying in quite nicely to the verses, making the whole song into one, cohesive unit. ‘Highs and Lows’ is, above all, a beautifully calculated and balanced rock song.

Birdman Cult deliver a tasteful final single before they drop their full-length album by the end of the summer. ‘Highs and Lows’ aptly displays the band’s terrific range and their long line of inspirations. A song that neatly fuses like half a dozen different colors of rock.