With a sound driven by experimenting with the realm of post-metal, British multi-instrumentalists Birdeatsbaby dropped the title track of their upcoming record HEX. Using their diverse influences, seasoned writing skills, and top-notch production by award-winning producer Evan Rodaniche (of Cage9 fame), Birdeatsbaby are about to take over your mood and I’m sure your “Favorites” playlist too with their multi-layered, unpredictable sound in HEX. Let me tell you more about it. 

Birdeatsbaby opened HEX with a spacey psychedelic intro, filling the listener with anticipation and announcing their post-metal direction and influences. It has a dark sound that keeps on building up and progresses getting heavier and darker as it moves forward, with atmospheric effects and subtle melodic guitar lines in total harmony, pushing the structure into a theatrical area with an extremely cult-ish big sound. The way Birdeatsbaby executed that dynamic progression is the most interesting thing in the process, they managed to create a smooth flow with hard shifts that are seamlessly connected, using diverse, powerful vocal deliveries that went from dreamy, ambient to total brutality as the whole band takes HEX’s mood to the next level.

HEX shows Birdeatsbaby’s well knowledge of their sound and direction, they created a balanced, well-arranged flow that kept on escalating carefully and cleverly without compromising its mood, as they took their time in creating build-ups that helped the listener stay focused and hooked, and offered satisfying closure. Looking forward to more from Birdeatsbaby, keep on rocking guys. Cheers!