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Bryan Cooper, a Yorkshire born, Japan based singer/songwriter, released a new single, “Heroes Let You Down,” which is released on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube and Soundcloud. Cooper is highly influenced by Blur, Stone Roses, and Radiohead. Last year, he decided to pursue a solo career when he moved to Fukuoka city, Japan.

The thing that really grips you to “Heroes let you down” is the electric guitar in the song; Electrifying your heart throughout the whole song! Accompanying the guitar are the drums, with their tight snares and sharp sounds. It’s a perfect combo! Just 2 minutes and 27 seconds of Rock goodness. Other than the sick cover art for the song, which shows a crouched man contemplating while holding an electric guitar, you should check out the Youtube video for the song, which features Cooper himself walking around with his guitar, walking around Fukuoka city. The video is beautiful and shot in black and white, where Cooper seems to be contemplating life and society whilst walking down the busy streets of Japan. Beautiful idea and cinematography!

All in all, I think with Cooper’s genius songwriting, and kicking electric guitar and creative videos, this will definitely put a spotlight on his new solo career. This is just the product of 1 year as a solo artist, imagine what he will do for the upcoming years! 

Edited by: Viola Karmy



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