Canadian artist Doug McArthur releases his first release after two decades of playing in rock bands…now it’s his time to share with the world what he has to say…and his song “Hermit Phase” is a personal journey, a conversation with himself.

“Hermit Phase” was being created even before the pandemic, but it now resonates more that the whole world had actually gone into a hermit phase.

Doug is the kind of artist that is not looking for fame or fortune…he wants to create art that can resonate with people and art that he’d be proud of, bringing joy to the masses…in my opinion, this is what a true artist would say, a true artist would look for actual peace and happiness for the whole world and to anyone who would experience his art, whatever form it takes.

“Hermit Phase” is a highly polished musical experience…you could say it’s rock, folk pop rock, say what you want…I would go as far as not putting this song in a box, because it doesn’t feel like it was intended to be labeled…instead, I’d look at it as a whole experience…

…an experience that takes my emotions on a journey, from lows to highs…the dynamics of this experience is what really shines.

The song starts out its journey with wide folk guitars ringing and strumming away in both ears…the beat builds up bit by bit, starting with a kick, then going into full kit mode…and the vocals cut through the music like a beam of light…Doug’s performance is very real, three-dimensional, and made up of musicality, emotion, and melodies.

The song is definitely a joy bringer, upbeat and bright…with many dynamic elements…the way the song explodes into a confetti of musical emotions feels fresh, every time it does that feels different and unique.

“Hermit Phase” is the kind of song that will make your day a little brighter…

We wish Doug all the best in life, he surely deserves it…can’t wait to experience more and more from this wonderful artist who is making a difference in people’s lives through his music.