Here’s The Riot is the band project and the stage name of the singer, guitar player , and song-writer Paris Tompkins. Earlier, Tompkins was the singer of the alternative band Church of Mars. He later made Gothic/dark wave music under the name Paris Grim. His influences mainly is within hard rock, heavy metal, alternative and grunge, like; Alice in Chains, Nirvana, and Guns N Roses. Tompkins released his debut EP Tonight We’re Alive which derived between Alternative, Rock n’ Roll and Hard Rock. Let’s find out more…

The 5-tracks EP is very light and easy to listen. Recently, I’ve not been into complicated song structures especially when it comes to rock n’ roll and alternative. As I see it’s a very smooth style to listen to, and I believe this is what Paris Tompkins did while producing his EP.

As I said earlier, I visualize a light music structure, which you enjoy listening; anyhow, I enjoy the riffs and singing indeed. TTMU and Place for Us weren’t my favorite anyhow, I find the most enjoyable ones are Love Makes Me Crazy’, ‘Heroes’ and I really like ‘Tonight We’re Alive’; the singing, riffs and such the nice fitting solo are harmonized setting.

Rock n’ Roll, Hard Rock and Alternative fans, I believe you would deeply enjoy listening to this EP, and for sure you would find in there a track that fits your mood.

Finally, I like the idea of choosing a stage name for a solo project, I see it more cooler than using the artist name. And I would rate 8 out of 10 and certainly I would be waiting for his next releases.





Edited by: Bishoy Nader.