There are songs that make you sway gently and others that make you bounce till your legs fall off. The Starkillers, on the other hand, reasoned that why not have both when they created their single, “Here with You.” And they went about crafting an emotive yet fiery piece. 

The Starkillers are an indie rock band located in Salt Lake City. It’s made up of Jon Omen on vocals, Chris Panic on bass, Doc Taylor on drums, and Mike Fiedel on guitar. The band formed in 2020, but they were close friends before that, which is demonstrated in the chemistry they have, which, along with their skills, makes their rock sound anthemic. Their most recent single is titled “Here with You,” and through its three-and-a-half minutes, they show how they can alter from a dulcet to a solid sound while remaining authentic.

“Here with You” kicks off with mellow acoustic chords. In no time, an angelic voice and soft percussion enter and blend seamlessly with the guitar, offering an atmospheric melody that would make you romanticize the song even if it didn’t have any romantic content. The first verse got me thinking that it’s going to be a smooth ballad, but the quartet has explosive energy that can’t be leashed. Starting from the chorus, the vocal line energizes yet still carries a warm timbre, with melodic harmonies being added in the background, while the bass line and electric guitar simply set fire all over.

It makes sense that the single is structured to progress with intense sound, which delivers the desired sentiments of the theme. “Here with You” captures the feeling of being charmed by someone’s mere presence, wanting to be with them all the time. That’s intimate, right? Well, that’s what all the elements work toward presenting.

Whether the song conjures up a specific person or not, it’s hard not to repeat it again and again to enjoy the vibe it gives, the catchy hooks, the passionate vocals, and the overall vibrant execution.