The Wavos

Here We Go calls back to the 80s disco beats and Michael Jackson’s throbbing synth basslines.

It was hard for me to listen to this song without obsessively comparing the bassline to that of Speed Demon by Michael Jackson, given that it’s one of my personal favorite basslines of all time. The song is much more than that though. Driven by an air rich with empowerment that’s currently prevalent in the United States, the song is basically a danceable anthem that’s full of humor, entertainment, intention, and personality.

The Wavos’s base of operations is the state of New York. Their brand of New Wave is so new that it sounds really vintage. With that said in the most admiring way, the sound of this piece is just the manic bassline, a steady 4-on-the-floor kick drumbeat, with occasional Timpani and Tomtom strikes. The singing is dominated by the infectious, consistent chant of “Here We Go”. The compositions are as catchy as anything.

Here We Go is an extremely fun little Pop gem that’s starkly unlike anything that we’ve heard for a really long time. The beats, chants, and soul are truly infectious and quirky and soulful. The music is out there and full of intricacies that set the sound apart, there is absolutely nothing poorly done or poorly thought of on this one. Pure empowering joy.