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Today I’ll be reviewing the latest single by Lethia’s Natorium, a band that consists of artist Pena Hughes, a london-based singer, and various changing lineup of musicians. They released their single “Here We Go,” which is basically about theme parks and how you’re never too old to go there! Pena wrote it after a day at the theme park, and is meant to convey the excitement you feel when you go there.

After first listening to it, I fell in love with Pena’s voice, it reminds me greatly of Poly Styrene, lead singer of the british band X-ray Spex. Another thing I absolutely loved were the drums, they were absolutely smashing, giving soul to the song, along with Pena’s vocals. What also drew me to the song is the electric guitars, they are so rich and melodious, and fits the fast nature of the song. I loved the cover art of the song, it is very pretty and somewhat biblical.

All in all, I love the fact that Pena, other than being a talented solo artist, opted to start a band. The instruments in her songs really compliment her especially as an artist and shows how versatile her voice really is. Definitely adding Lethia’s Natorium to my Spotify Playlist!