Son.person, an alt-rock musician from Memphis, Tennessee, releases his newest single “Here to stay”. He is an emerging young artist, and this is his sixth release for this year ALONE, color me impressed!

At first listen, I was instantly in love. Such a beautiful song. I loved the lofi/indie vibe to it which had such an ethereal component to it. Described as an ode to the girl’s Son wanted to call him, it was such a beautiful ode. I enjoyed the modern take on a love song, very unconventional but it just has its own twist. He has such passionate vocals, it really brings the entire song together. This song makes me feel like I am a teen in a 2000s movie getting ready to go on a big date, it has such a teen movie vibe to it.

All in all, I think that Son will definitely be emerging, and BIG this year. His instrumentship, his lyrics, his concept, just beautiful. I will definitely be adding this song to my playlist. Good job Son!