From Athens, with love. A new single drops from D3lta, a British-Greek songwriter who has been expanding his repertoire of sounds since he started releasing singles a year ago.

Having had extensive radio exposure over the course of the summer, accompanied by heavy gigging and a highlight, supporting London Grammar on their stop at Athens for their tour, D3lta managed to acquire a decent-sized following over the summer break. Now he’s back with a song that adds a heavy industrial-glam rock sound to his catalog. Hello is a dramatic song, with grand songwriting and an acted vocal performance, and it is nearly executed. A characterful, hanging-on-the-edge sound that’s also efficient, intricate, and excess-free.

Hello features meaty, fuzzed-out guitar riffs on top of a cliché progression that’s heavy and edgy. the singing is heartfelt and full of character, with an amazing delivery from D3lta that never loses control through his wide, extensive vibrato, among other colors of vocal nuances that give this number a very unique character. A highlight is a tight, beefy guitar interlude/riff that repeats, giving me intense early, sloppy Muse vibes.

Hello is an enjoyable, grand song that will be a nice addition to your working out or driving playlists. A sound full of purpose and vision from one of Greece’s most interesting upcoming faces.