Aliensdontringdoorbells are amazing, and I think it’s intentional that they just dropped one of the tightest, freshest, and most jangly singles that alt-rock has seen in recent time.

Hailing from London, UK-based five-piece rock band. Their sound is vintage… Soul, Rock & Roll, R&B are all things that readily seep into aliensdontringdoorbells’s sound. Made up of 3 singer-songwriters and a rhythm section, their music is exceedingly modern and professional, while retaining a most-welcome jingle-like familiarity. This single is composed of 2 songs that are vastly different yet alike, fresh yet familiar.

Hello 2 You opens up with a funky guitar riff that’s tight, on time, and with a sweet, sweet tone. The vocals are boomy and confident, the words are reassuring and heartfelt. The composition is also emotional and chirpy, one of the very few cases of a song sounding this happy, without feeling tangy or syrupy, an achievement, for sure. The organ solo certainly brings back memories, and is excellently performed. Don’t Touch is also a funky number, that’s more brooding and groovy than sweet and heartfelt, an interesting duality. The syncopated riff that the song is based on is tight and fun, also very danceable. The vocal performance is a certain highlight on this track, full of screams and rich belted notes that are perfectly in sync with the general vibe. The sax solo is also a pleasure. Overall, the 2 greatest highlights for me are, the production, which is sharp and squeaky clean, and the drums. The drums are actually perfect. They hide in plain view, perfectly playing their role for the most part, but shine with a fill here and a little solo there, and you can clearly hear how beautifully they are tracked, and how awesomely they are played.

A pleasure from start to finish, from a band of professionals who are certainly having a blast. They gave us a blast and left us hungry for more.