With their thick heavy riffs, fluid melodies, and relentlessly intense sound, the Austin-based headbangers Bridges Ablaze can take over the metal scene, and this shows clearly on their debut single Hellbent which was out on the 13th of January, 2023. Let me tell you more about it.

Bridges Ablaze show their diverse writing skills and delivery on Hellbent. Opening with such an atmospheric melody before exploding into a raw-sounding pounding riff says a lot about those guys’ dynamic vision, as they know well how to cleverly steer their structures between deeply melodic sounds and hard-hitting headbangers. Their use of synths was highly on point, dominating the atmosphere and almost controlling the mood then suddenly, getting back in the background making space for heavy riffs. Bridges Ablaze had full control on the listener using Hellbent‘s well-crafted dynamics, they’ll send you on a headbanging frenzy before they smoothly shift into a big sound all with perfect build-up and delivery, I loved how they lured us to that brutal nasty breakdown around the 2:45 minute mark, and the way it was mixed with those atmospheric synths was pretty dark and cool, and it ends with a KILLER melodic solo!

Hellbent is one hell of a well-written and arranged heavy metal song. It proves that metal’s modern sound has a lot to offer and can leave a mark just like the old school did. Bridges Ablaze showed well-knowledge of their sound and a clear vision, backed by really good songwriting skills. Looking forward to more guys, keep on rocking. Cheers!