Hecate is an Atmospheric Extreme Black Metal/Blackened Death Metal band. It is the third project founded by Lord Mist. Recently, Lord Mist is the most active musician in the Egyptian Black Metal scene and he dominated the scene through his 4 projects; Frostagrath, Hateful Desolation, Hecate and Astray. The Members of the band are Adam (Vocals, lyrics, Artwork and Layout) and Lord Mist (All Instruments, lyrics, Mixing and Mastering).

The band released their first album entitled, The Order Of The Black Light. It contained 8 original tracks and they are:

  • At The Borders Of Infinity
  • When Eternity Dwells In Frost
  • Mighty Warrior
  • The Order Of The Black Light
  • Infernal War
  • Nazarean
  • Signs Of Horns
  • Downfall

You may find some confusion about the genre but you will understand what Hecate meant by Atmospheric Extreme Black Metal. They mixed some depressive riffs and Atmospheric touches with the extreme music. For me, the album was something interesting and attractive; it was very rich. The lyrics of the album talk about anti-cosmos, evil and wars. The Title reflected the lyrical theme. The cover of the album explains the themes of the album; the face is the order of the black light’s warrior, and the chaos represents the evil feelings and coldness. The riffs -all of them- were excellent. I found that there was something special in every track, for example ‘When Eternity Dwells In Frost’, ‘Mighty Warrior’ and ‘The Order Of The Black Light’. They contained some depressive riffs and atmospheric touches. ‘Infernal War’ was the hardest and fastest track in whole album. ‘Nazarean’ and ‘Signs Of Horns’ were familiar to Hecate listeners because they were the first 2 tracks that were released by the band. ‘Downfall’ was the outro of the album. I found great variety of riffs. The vocals were the most attractive thing for me. Great vocals with all meanings of word. Adam is clear evidence that Egypt has great vocalists in its scene. In fact, I didn’t like ‘Nazarean’ and I think it is the weakest track in the album. I give this album about 8 out of 10. If you don’t listen to this album, you will lose a wonderful chance to listen to amazing music.

The Order Of The Black Light is one of the strongest albums that was released in the Egyptian Metal Scene. Different mix of music was added to the local scene, part from the future of the Black Metal shines from Egypt.

Reviewed by: Rana Atef
Edited by: NJ Bakr and Nehal A.Ali