The Egyptian Extreme Black Metal/Blackened Death Metal band Hecate released a new single track entitled ‘In Nomine Artem Blackium’ taken from their upcoming full-length In Nomine Artem Blackium. The band also blessed us by preforming in the final “Walls Of Death“” – Volume 6 for their first time on the stage.

The track started with an epic start with drum lines that announces a war begging then the tunes of the guitars followed with more symphonic touches. The first part of the track reflected the atmosphere of the night when the darkness covers the whole world by the darkened tunes of guitars. From 1:34 the war has started, the conflict between empires for their own sake.


From 2:36 to 4:30 was the beginning of the new chapter of the story. More hatred towards the human race because of the destruction and chaos they had spread. From 4:30 to 5:00 it becomes really fast, the climax of the epicness, which is being told. 5:00 was something like an interlude by the spoken part. In 5:37 the part of the falling action, we face the consequences. In 6:09, we can say it was something like summarization, finalizing the epicness with sounds of guitars and vocals. Something was like, morally…that there is no mercy will be fallen upon this devilish nations, they will still be in the heart of darkness, no light shall shine.

The vocals are still one of the best elements through Hecate‘s music, the variety of pitches with music, every part carries its own vocals performance to reflect the hatred, anger, evil in human’s soul.

Again more lights are shaded on Hecate‘s forthcoming album with releasing a second single. The epic symphonic touches has a clear appearance in this release, strong guitars tones stealing your mind and soul to listen to the story of the track, drums as war drum lines, which declares the end of peace, and the death of silence.

Every move of the riffs was like different chapters of the story, before every movement there was a second of silence like the second you take when you turn a page of a book.

Hecate gave its fans a new highly recommended piece of art. What does Hecate‘s new album hide more? I think we will know this answer soon when the band releases their album or when they release more singles from the forthcoming album. I should admit that the vocals are still one of the best elements in Hecate‘s work; I’d give this single an 8.5 out of 10.

Edited by: Bishoy Nader


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