Alban Bizet

After their band broke up, Chris (guitars), Nic (bass), and Conor (drums) decided to keep on playing together, joined by Bri on vocals they formed The Silent Era. The Silent Era began playing live and gaining support from fans gig after a gig before deciding to drop their debut single Heavy Cure that’ll be out 13th of January, 2022. We were lucky enough to give it an early listen and believe me, it’ll get right into your playlist. Let me tell you why.

The Silent Era took their time opening Heavy Cure with the proper build-up. The song’s doomy sound kicks off right from the 1st note, with an atmospheric intro that smoothly transitions into Heavy Cure’s extremely melodic main riff before diving into the verse. A more gothic layer was added in the verse, with the vocal effects and how it brilliantly switches offering diverse deliveries and bringing the vocal melody to the front. Heavy Cure’s smoothly layered guitars is pretty impressive, its warm fluid melody overlaps with some clever licks thrown here and there, creating a catchy emotional sound that strongly captures the listener’s attention. The structure of Heavy Cure is fascinating, it has an overall mellow flow and pace with well-calculated dynamics that keep its vibes intact while offering an entertaining progression that kept things active, with the support of a strong groove pushing the whole progression forward.

I was surprised when I knew that Heavy Cure is The Silent Era’s debut single, it clearly shows their well-knowledge of their sound, direction, and how to deal with their influences. They skillfully mashed many influences in a solid sound and tight structure, creating their own sound. I’m definitely looking forward to more from The Silent Era, Keep on rocking guys, cheers!