Sylfronia King

We have no guarantees in love about what will happen or how the story will end—will things work out or will we be heartbroken? Who knows, right?! Sylfronia King didn’t have a clue at first either, but she outlined her story in her single, “Heartbreak.”


Sylfronia King began her musical journey when she was nine. Over the years, she developed her own sound, influenced by iconic artists like Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson and contemporary artists like Lizzo and Dua Lipa. Her influences and talents combine to create soulful music with a powerful kick, with splendid musicality that incorporates the best elements of various genres and, finally, with her captivating, melodious vocals and confident performance bringing it all together. 


“Heartbreak” is her fresh EP title track. The song is full of life and ache at the same time. King conveys a bittersweet topic that many can relate to, which is falling in love, loving the feel that the partner gives you, having an inside fear of them letting you down, and sadly, your concerns come true after you went too deep, and they shatter your heart.


Each component of the single works in harmony with the others to produce a stunning piece of art. The melody, rhythm, vocals, and lyrics all capture both pleasure and anguish in an emotive way. Sylfronia King delivers the sincere, personal story in the lyrics through her passionate singing and captivating, poignant voice.


From the intro to the outro, a sonic realm has been created to get you grooving with the disco flair, bombastic with the retro rock/pop hybrid, and enjoying the intense vibe of the soul hint. Blending both nostalgia and modernity matched the mood best and suited King’s vocal abilities. Between all the on-point elements, the strings manage to get attention and add depth to the composition.


One listen to a song like “Heartbreak” is all it takes to realize that Sylfronia King is a gifted musician, and besides her singing and writing skills, she has a talent for stealing people’s hearts.