Alexis Nicole

Singer-songwriter-guitarist-family man Mark Winters is here with a short and fiery single that’s inspired -of all things- by fiery and intense workout sessions. So, How does this convey?

Texan Mark Winters is an indie musician who’s been dropping singles for 3 years now, culminating with ‘Boundary Layer’, his debut album. ‘Heartbeat’ is a single off of ‘Boundary Layer’. He describes his music and his compositional muses as John Mayer, Jason Mraz and Tom Petty. The first thing that will hit you in the sound of Mr.Winters is a very distinct, nasal baritone that’s exciting and uncommon, he can also hit higher notes when needed, his performance on this song as an example features incredible clarity and control.

The song itself is simple enough, with manic verses built around a manic beat and Mark’s distinctive voice, and a chorus that sounds optimistic and far less complex, giving it a child-like feel. The mix is also flawless. With nothing to report, the drums sound sharp and centered, the guitars are woody and throaty, pure joy! and everything else seems to find its place rather well.

An inoffensive song that’s joyous and simplistic. Whether it packs enough gusto to make it suitable for a workout like the one it is inspired by is a subjective matter. For me personally, I’d gladly put the gym thing aside and just revel in the fact that passionate people are still making optimistic, joyous music like Mr.Winters does here.