Death of Death” is another great outcome of the pandemic and lockdown days. Vincent Dusk, the man behind it all and former lead singer and guitarist of “BoyFromTheCrowd”, released 5 singles since 2020 and with “Heart of Glass” as his latest release. The band is mainly focused on post-punk and indie rock genres while exploring sounds and structure with technology. The song’s lyrical context is very interesting and such a vital topic to discuss, with social media being a huge part of our daily lives and being exposed to hundreds and thousands of people daily, it has become hard to control the outcome of such encounters. Most of us get subjected to cyber and informational bullying, so Dusk dedicates this song to an unknown character who is “amazing, kind, caring and smart” who undergoes social media attacks. He encourages this girl to be strong, and resilient and to fight back without letting it get to her. “Heart of glass” starts with a short intro of drums, a deeply low bass sound, and an electric guitar. The 2 main elements I noticed throughout was the simple bass riff and motif going on in the background setting a sense of familiarity and stability. The 2nd thing is the electric guitar lick demonstrated within the solo part and the thematic chords that are maintained throughout as well. Another element that was well placed, was the musical pause that was synchronized with the word “gone”, a very interesting and literal interpretation. Stay tuned for more information on the band and their music in our upcoming interview with them.