As their debut record’s release approaches, British rockers Tillerman are teasing it with their single Hear Angels Cry that’ll be out on the 13th of January, 2023. Judging from this single, it looks like Tillerman will take over our playlists this year with their solid music writing and unmatchable chemistry. Let me tell you more about it.

Hear Angels Cry opens with a beautiful guitar melody that shows Tillerman’s bluesy roots, and promises a mellow tune with an open sound. It has a soft soothing flow musically and vocally, and the vocal melody and guitar tone are warm with lovely smooth transitions that bring back classic blues rock vibes and chilling mood, especially with those killer shredding solos. Focusing more on Hear Angels Cry’s structure, we find out it has loads of overlapping layers and cleverly orchestrated shifts, this resulted in a rich structure that managed to keep things interesting within a lovely stream of melodies that made those 4:27 minutes fly. 


I have listened to several bands playing blues rock lately but Tillerman’s Hear Angels Cry stands out! Those guys know their sound and direction very well, not only in terms of writing and playing because this can be heard clearly, but also in terms of production and keeping the mood intact. Although the song is about the current global situation and politics, it has a refreshing sound that made me add it among the best stuff I’ve listened to lately, and I will indeed be revisiting Tillerman’s work.

Looking forward to the debut’s release, keep on rocking guys. Cheers!