Sailing in the vast waters between orchestral music, soul, and blues, Virtue Scripts bring forth a sound that will somehow take you both back in time and to the future. ‘Heading for the Lights’ is the latest sprawling composition from the passionate collective that is Virtue Scripts, and it is an enriching musical trip.

Based in London, Virtue Scripts is a musical project masterminded by musician Prudence Oliver, the powerhouse behind everything the band does. ‘Heading for the Light’ is a tribute to Oliver’s late mother. The lush, soulful delivery of Oliver, guttural and gritty, is immediately gripping, and her inspired lyrics are always eye-opening, and with an engaging, catchy composition, we find that ‘Heading for the Light’ is a quite rich musical journey that covers a lot of grounds in its relatively short runtime.

From the soulful timbre of Oliver’s delivery, to her delivery and melodies, deeply steeped in the blues, to the arrangement, equally populated by distorted lead guitar, and symphonic string stabs, we often felt positively challenged by the song’s width of sonic character. A product of a masterful musician whose boldness and uniqueness always come to the fore, ‘Heading for the Light’, Virtue Scripts’ latest single, is a phenomenal piece of music.