Using beautiful imagery and poetic wording, Dandelion head didn’t fail in portraying vulnerability in a raw and artistic way in his new song ‘Sad eyes’ that dropped on the 10th of February. Living first in LA and then moving to Melbourne, Australia with his partner, J. Blynn is a musician and songwriter who first had an experience as a band member, and then proceeded into becoming a solo project: Dandelion Head. He has a small garage studio in which he makes this great music, with his first debut album ‘ yay Blynn’, created in 2017.

Sad eyes is an alternative folk tune that is grounding and lowkey actually sad. Packaged in a mellow and friendly tone, the song is catchy and spreads a very soothing vibe. The lyrics talk about a character or seem to be telling the story of a sad character going about their life. The overall sound of the song is soft and easy on the heart. The soundscape is a slow, bassy acoustic guitar filled beat. The song feels like taking a nice boat ride in a river while the sky is cloudy, yet the riverbanks are lined with sunflowers.  

The musical arrangement is rich with a friendly melody and a folkish vibe. You’ve got some soft drums, noticeable cymbals that add intensity, please humming sounds, and ethereal sound effects at the back of the track. The vocals are of course very soulful and passionate. What’s really nice about this song is that although there are undertones of sadness hidden in between the music, there is an accepting tone in the song that makes it so comforting. You must add this song to your playlist!